Basis of chart: Moment of complete separation from U.K.

Current Dasha Period: RA/MA to 11/2012 (JU period starts 11/2012)

Ireland is going through difficult times as the financial crisis engulfs its people. Emigration and the withdrawal of overseas businesses from the country have already started, and this is set to increase in 2012 during the final part of the Rahu dasha, and could continue for years.

Saturn moved into the 12th house in November 2011 and stays there for three years placing a severe constraint on the government’s income and expenditure. Then in 2014 Saturn moves into the 1st house until 2017. This will be a time for the nation’s leaders and intellectuals to consider how Ireland can survive as an independent state when those that can are leaving for greener pastures. The year 2014 will also see the start of Sade Sati, a seven and a half year difficult period when circumstances will force fundamental changes on all parts of the nation’s life.

In November 2012 the Jupiter dasha commences. Jupiter is located in a fixed star (nakshatra) called Uttara Ashada. This placement provides the strength to win and a desire “to gain victory that never can be lost”. But to achieve success, self-imposed austerity and discipline will be needed, which will be difficult for the Irish given Jupiter’s liking for comfort indicated in the chart.

Jupiter’s placement indicates two solutions to the country’s problems. Firstly, attract foreign businesses in competition with other nations and ensure their retention; secondly, invest in tourism and related facilities. But, in doing these things, the Irish will have to address a tendency to become self-isolating and feeling that they are alone as no-one understands them.