Euro Currency

Basis of chart: Launch of currency across Europe, excluding U.K. and a few other countries.

Euro Currency
Current Dasha Period: RA/ME to 9/2012 (JU period starts 2020)

The currency was launched around the time of a full moon giving it inherent long term strength, but other indications in the chart show that it has serious flaws bringing about conflicts between participants.

In the current Rahu dasha, the currency will be fundamentally weak with conflicts occurring between countries involved that are cunningly hidden from the markets.  (Rahu is “gandanta” in the 11th house of alliances and in 12th house of losses in the Shri Pati chart – not shown)

During RA/ME period, which began March 2010, structural problems emerged as debt repayments and on-going yearly deficits of some participant countries concerned financial markets.  Plans drawn up and implemented during this time are unlikely to address the basic weaknesses.

In the RA/KE dasha from late September 2012 until mid-October 2013, the participants will be forced to make fundamental changes by dropping countries with the weaker economies.  If the changes are not sufficiently radical to satisfy the markets, then the currency is likely to collapse totally in RA/VE period, which lasts for three years beginning September 2013.