Basis of chart: New constitution implemented by Ayatollah Khomeini regime.


Current Dasha Period: RA/VE to 1/2014 (JU period starts 6/2017)
The chart indicates a powerful nation that can easily be under-estimated, and misunderstood, by others. Jupiter in the first house shows that religion dominates life in the nation.  It’s with Mars, the planet of ambition, energy, enthusiasm and dynamism.  But Rahu’s presence here indicates a nation that gets angry easily; can be antagonistic, intolerant, impulsive and at times irrational. For example, intolerance is shown towards those who disobey Islamic law.

The government wants Iran to become a dominant force in the Middle East based on religious connections. If countries such as Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and others who have been part of the “Arab Spring” are not careful, they will find their internal political affairs being affected by Islamic religious extremists supported and financed by Iran.

The country is likely to have problems regarding the health of its citizens, which it will keep quiet about, and not seek help from outside the nation.

Iran is expected to become more problematic for other countries of the world up to 2016/17 during the final years of the Rahu dasha.

The chart indicates the possibility that the country is researching and developing nuclear capability. The danger period in its use would be between May 2016 and June 2017 (RA/MA period).  We will revert on this issue.