Basis of chart: Proclamation, following a referendum, announcing the creation of the Republic of Italy and the end of the monarchy.

ItalyCurrent Dasha Period: KE/MO to 7/2012 (VE period starts 1/2017)

Sun, significator of the Prime Minister, is in the 8th house of scandals, ruled by Venus to do with sexual desires, and resignations of national leaders. It is conjunct Rahu, which indicates secret intrigues. News from Italy was dominated by Berlusconi’s extra-marital affairs especially during KE/VE period ending in August 2011. In the present dasha of KE/SU he was forced to resign.

News from Italy has also been dominated by the 2011 financial crisis, which is threatening to become so serious that the country could become bankrupt. Italy started the Ketu dasha at the beginning of 2010 which will last for seven years. Ketu the significator of bankruptcy is located in the second house of national finances whilst its counterpart, Rahu, is in the 8th house that is also concerned with the destruction of the state. The chart is therefore indicating parlous financial times for the country. The true scale of its debt problems may well have been kept hidden.

Drastic actions will be needed over the next two years to prevent the possibility of bankruptcy that is indicated. The country is in the middle of a seven and a half year period, called “Sade sati”, when major changes will be forced upon the whole society, especially during 2011 – 2014 as Saturn transits the first house. Luckily, Ketu is in Jyeshtha that will provide government with the determination to succeed but any respite from hardships will only occur after 2016.