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geoffrey pearceGeoffrey Pearce

Geoffrey is a retired Chartered Accountant and a long term student of Indian philosophy, in particular Advaita Vedanta, at the School of Economic Science, London.

Geoffrey is primarily responsible for the contents of this website. He has been studying and practicing Vedic Astrology since 1986. He learnt most of his techniques from Hart deFouw in England and U.S.A., and was an accredited teacher by the American Council of Vedic Astrology and a member of their Council for many years. He was a founder committee member of the British Association for Vedic Astrology (BAVA) in which he holds the position of Treasurer.  He takes regular weekly classes in London including some of the most advanced groups in England.   Geoffrey has given many public lectures on the philosophy and principles behind the subject.

In recent years he has been researching Mundane Astrology that is concerned with looking at charts of countries, and astrological cycles effecting humanity.  His researches connected with his studies on political economy in his 20s and 30s that were primarily about what constituted justice, economic equity and the sound governance of nations.

On looking at the conditions of nations and their peoples through the national charts, he considered there was a need to provide warnings of what the future holds in store for some countries.  Without astrology, people can only react to situations that arise; whereas, with astrological advice about the future, pro-active steps may be taken to avoid or minimise serious problems.

The statements about the probable future of countries and their leaders on this website are also based on contributions received from some advanced members of BAVA.