Planets Significations


Nation’s rulers – Monarch, President, Prime Minister, or Dictator

Ruling classes, civil servants, senior judges and army officers

Religious leaders, including the Pope

Film stars and persons in the entertainment industry

Anyone taking a leading role in national life in any field

Employers, bosses, and persons in authority

Stock Exchange, stock market speculation

Imperialism, national ambitions

Copper, gold, wheat, hot foods

Afflicted – the nation becomes morally debased; of ill-repute; oppressive; self-centred; ignores the feeling of other countries


General population, crowds, public views and matters

Women and female occupations

Social welfare and related occupations

Industries relating to water, shipping, agriculture, food and hospitality
Businesses relating to essential commodities; clothing; shipping & fishing

Matters of public concern, conditions of national home life

Silver, pearls, rice, milk, honey, fruit, and flowers.


Intellectual calibre of the population

Communications, television, radio, and entertainment industries

Trade and commerce

Literary world, writers, publishers, booksellers and newspaper businesses Transport by road, rail and air (Sea is Moon’s domain)

Armed forces and civil servants (Lord of 6th sign)

Literary, educational and scientific institutions, research and inventions

Youth in general, amateurs and jesters


Social & festive side of national life, the Arts, theatre, drama, dance, fashion

Harmony or when afflicted – civil strife

Public festivals

Victory in war, and the cease-fire, diplomacy, treaties with other countries

Marriage and birth rate in the country

Currency and its circulation

Sexual diseases, influenza, and plagues

Diamonds, jewellery, fine cotton and silk


Violence in every form, war and strife between nations

Mass murders, tragedies and accidents such as air and rail crashes

Armed forces/industries, police and firemen

Manufacturing industries and engineering requiring energy/fire

Patriotism, glory in battle and victory

Destructive actions – fires, rebellions, criminal actions of violent nature

Epidemic diseases (infectious and contagious)

Applied energy of whole nation

Conjunct Saturn or Rahu, it gives extremely evil results such as earthquakes, mutinies, epidemics, civil strikes, and terrorism.


Expansion in national activities and prosperity

International co-operation and peace

Religion and philosophy, including their institutions, practices & books

Education, charities, monasteries, hospitals

Law and order, judiciary and penal institutions

Foreign affairs, export trade, overseas travel

National finances, capitalism, bankers, tax collectors, inflation

Treasury, banks and other financial institutions

Lavish spending, speculation, stock exchange, lotteries

Birth rate (children); sporting activities


Contraction in national activities and prosperity

Depressions, poverty, emergencies, calamities such as earthquakes, famines and droughts

Reduction in nation’s exports; difficulties with foreign exchange

Democracy and its institutions

Labouring classes, employees and labour problems

National discontent and revolution

Nationalisation, heavy taxes and national wastage

Death of prominent leaders; national mourning

Prisoners and martyrs

Laws for constraining purposes & concerning employment

Farmers, produce from land, real estate and buildings

Oil, iron ore; underground mines and minerals

Public health, chronic ailments, disease, decay and despondency

War, arms and ammunition, steel industries

Earthquakes, wars and calamities are said to occur when Saturn transits nakshatras of Mars, Rahu or Ketu; even worse if Saturn aspects or conjunct any of these planets.


War, crimes and violence of the worst kind.

Very bad results may occur when conjunct Mars, Saturn, or rulers of malefic houses, or in 6th, 8th or 12th houses. It is said to give the results of Saturn.

Invading, assaulting, overpowering other countries

Political plots, rebellions, riots, fanatics, violence and spying

Anti-social behaviour; robbery; cheating and greed

Slavery, crowds, mob, imprisonment, sudden accidents

Radio, telecommunications, scientists

Foreigners, foreign languages and emigration

Epidemics, plagues, and poisonous gases


Can cause maximum trouble, and sudden malefic events. It is said to give the results of Mars.

War, death in battlefield, trouble to/from an enemy

Sudden success or failure

Drugs, alcohol, spies and bankruptcy,

Assassination, murder, secret intrigues, poisoning, fire, treachery

Epidemics of a virulent nature, leprosy, plagues, skin eruptions

Science, esp. medical science, television, computers

Spiritual development, ascetics, philosophers