Basis of chart: Time of President Bashar Al-Assad swearing-in ceremony in the year 2000.

SyriaCurrent Dasha Period: RA/MO to 4/2013 (JU period starts 5/2014)

We have found the time a new regime begins can be a reliable basis for the national chart for as long as it lasts. This was certainly the case in respect of Colonel Gaddafi’s time in power.

Conflicts have arisen across the Middle East during the period Jupiter has been in opposition to Saturn during the past two years. These internal conflicts also occurred the last time Jupiter was opposite Saturn in 1990/91 when the Russian satellite countries and Russia itself had revolutions bringing about the overthrow of communism. Jupiter stands for traditional authority (that may be wise or ignorant), whilst Saturn relates to democratic forces.

We expect the regime of Bashar Al-Assad to end in 2012 in a bloody conflict with the intervention of forces from outside the country. But, the chart is based on an unconfirmed swearing in time. If it is wrong, then the timing of the end to the uprising will be incorrect.