United States of America

Basis of chart: Completion of signing the Declaration of Independence according to investigations by James Kelleher.

United States of AmericaCurrent Dasha Period: MA/SA to 3/2012 (RA period starts 9/2015)

On the day that the Mars dasha period started there was a collapse of the U.S. stock market, which marked the beginning of the current financial problems. As the United States has such an enormous economy its problems have spread to most other western economies.  Mars casts a malefic aspect on the second house of banks and financial institutions where the problems mainly originated.  The Mars dasha period lasts until September 2015 so the financial problems can be expected to continue and could become critical during the period 1st April to 24th August 2013 with another stock market crash. Some improvement though can be expected during the 6 months before the end of the Mars dasha.

Given the weakness of Mars at 0° 40, the U.S.A. is unlikely to initiate any wars up to September 2015 and, instead, will concentrate on withdrawing its forces from overseas territories. Greater reliance will be placed on drone aircraft. But, overall, the country will appear to be weak to other leaders, especially in Iran, who will take advantage of the U.S. inactivity.

President Obama is likely to be re-elected in 2012. He has a stronger chart than Republican candidates currently in the field. His stock will rise after July 2012 making him almost unbeatable. The Tea Party will continue for a few more years to represent people’s dissatisfaction with politicians in Washington, but their actions will be verbal rather than provoking physical confrontations.

Rahu Dasha, beginning in September 2015, could bring serious problems for the U.S.A. This incendiary planet is poorly placed in the 8th house. During the previous Rahu dasha, 1895 – 1913, the country was involved in a war with Spain. This time problems over trade and the national debt are likely to dominate affairs of state during the first nine years of this period.

From the chart, the country is materially extremely rich with a well-educated population. Yet, it is financially badly managed for politicians are weak, giving way to vested interests, with the result that nearly all of the principles for sound Management of the Economy are ignored.