Basis of the chart: Time the new country received independence from U.K.

ZimbabweCurrent Dasha Period: RA/SU (JU period starts 5/2013)

This country has an all-powerful President who has brought misery to his people over the past few years. Zimbabwe is heading to become a failed state.

The Jupiter dasha is scheduled to begin in May 2013. Jupiter is with the three most malefic planets (Saturn, Rahu, and Mars) in the 8th house covering events such as the destruction of the state. But,the 8th house also provides the potential for the country to transform itself into a successful society. This will need men of wisdom to bring about positive long lasting changes supported by the general populace.

We foresee the end of this state in 2012/13 in RA/MA. Thereafter, in the Jupiter period a new constitution will be needed that includes safe guards against a repetition on recent events.