Purpose of this Website

This website is dedicated to the well-being of humanity

Through the use of the ancient science of Vedic Astrology, our purpose is to inform nations, their leaders and people, of specific events that may arise in the years ahead that could have an impact on their country, its economy, institutions and social structure; or in other ways produce serious problems.

It is also our intention to indicate the general outlook for nations taking their current situation as a starting point and look forward to see when there could be an improvement, or whether matters will deteriorate.

For some countries, the political and economic situation will also be assessed against a standard of sound government with the intention of bringing long term equity and justice for everyone within its domain.  These standards are specified on the page Principles of Good Government.

We are aware that some people are biased against astrology, and believe that its predictions are tantamount to fortune telling.  Vedic Astrology is a science of indications that may well occur without conscious intervention.  It never says that future events “have” to be so.  The fact that Vedic Astrology can be accurate in indicating future events has been demonstrated by experienced practitioners over many centuries.  This predictability is principally due to the recourse most people have to habit and long held ideas – not least those in government. This is a philosophical point addressed in the Vedas, the spiritual literature of India.

Astrology is demonstratively the oldest science, or system of knowledge, created by mankind[1].  To understand this knowledge it is necessary to accept that individuals and nations are inexorably linked to universal forces that affect our lives.  Unless we accept the significance of the planetary movements representing universal powers, it will not be possible to ward off their negative effects or take advantage of those that are beneficial.

Politicians and their advisors say, and generally believe that they can bring about change that will be helpful to their society.  But, they are doing so from a position of ignorance about future events.  It is similar to a blind man steering a motor car unable to see anything on the road ahead.

The Purpose of the Predictions

The Sanskrit term for Vedic Astrology is “Jyotish Shastra” meaning “The Science of Light”.  The universe is in the present and can be seen; however, the past and future are hidden, but are detectable through the knowledge acquired from using this science.  The purpose of these predictions is to make available our insights about the future outlook of some nations so that their leaders and people can take steps to avoid the problems anticipated or mitigate their worst effects.

For instance, the “Arab Spring” of 2011, when the population ejected the dictatorial rulers in several countries in North Africa, has provided hope that their country will become a democracy with improved systems of social and economic justice.  But, the national charts could show that in time another military regime will come to power.  So we will be saying in effect to the nation’s people, “do not cease to participate fully in the national affairs until the changes you are seeking are implemented”.    It is easy for people to think “now we have won the war, we can go home to our families and carry on as before”.  Fundamental changes to a society require on-going participation with everyone working in the national, as opposed to individual, local or tribal, interest.

We are planning to issue predictions concerning tsunamis, floods and earthquakes, which may have a devastating effect on particular areas of the world, in the hope that the population may be moved to safer ground ahead of the event.  But, we are starting this venture with limited resources and cannot watch over every country of the world.  It is probable that most calamities will be missed until the resource issue is resolved.  In any case, indications of future events will only be included on this website in respect of nations where we are satisfied with the accuracy of the birth time.

Risks being taken in publishing warnings

The reputation of Western astrology was damaged when shortly before the outbreak of World War II senior professional astrologers said in public that a war would not happen.  However, a leading Vedic Astrologer, Professor B.V. Raman, issued a warning in 1936 saying that another world war would occur in 1939.  So we are possibly risking the reputation of the Vedic system by providing forecasts on this website.   But, our conscience will not allow us to withhold our insights when many events taking place in the world were foreseen months, and in some cases years previously.  It is better to be wrong and learn from our mistakes than to hold back for fear of error.

Nevertheless, we hope readers will find our forecasts:-

  • worthy of consideration
  • stimulate you to reflect on the state of affairs within your country
  • raise questions about the steps you might to take to help your society

Basis of the Outlooks

The national outlooks set out on this site are based upon principles of Vedic Astrology, the astrological system of India.  It is fundamentally different from Western Astrology. See Principles Differences between Vedic and Western systems.

The advice given here stems from an interpretation of an astrological chart for each nation that has been identified as being relevant in the present era.   Generally, the charts have been computed for the moment each modern state was founded when new political forces and institutions of government were implemented affecting the entire population.  These events will have occurred at a specific time, date and place and include declaration of independence; a major change to the constitution; beginning of a new regime of government arising out of a civil war, coup d’etat, or a peaceful revolution.

For instance, the current horoscope for France is that of the Fifth Republic, created by General de Gaulle following the failure of the Fourth Republic.  The Fifth Republic came into existence with the publication of the new Constitution in the Journal Officiel on 5 October 1958, in Paris.  It is understood that the legislation creating the Republic came into force at 00:00 hours.  For the United States of America, the chart for the Declaration of Independence on 4th July 1776 at 18:30, Philadelphia, has been found to work even to this day.

Considerable research has been carried out to determine the critical moment in the life of a nation when fundamental change occurred in its political life that resulted in alterations to the laws, institutions and governance of that society.  Usually a series of events occur that lead up to such a change.  The main difficulty encountered has been to identify from independent sources the critical moment of a new “birth” for that society; the moment when everyone has accepted, or has to accept, the new regime, its rulers and laws.

In respect of Libya, the military coup led by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi started on 3 September at 2:00 am, and total control of the capital city completed by 5:00 am.  At 6:30 am Colonel Gaddafi proclaimed in a national radio broadcast that “Libya is a free self-governing republic”.  Here there had been three critical moments.  The first two involved the military transfer of power; whilst the third was a public proclamation that was not followed up by a ceremonial moment.  This latter event formed the basis of Libya’s chart until October 2011.

The national chart showing the position of the planets and details of the event forming the basis of the chart are shown on each country’s page.

Timing Events

Every national chart shows the potential for difficult and beneficial events happening to that society whilst the country continues under the present constitution and regime.  But, in order to see when, and if, that potential will arise, the Vedic Astrological system has a brilliant method for determining the timing of such events.  It is called the Vimshottari Dasha system, under which specific planets will affect the nation for a period of time dependent on their condition and placement in the chart.  This dasha system is based on a 120 year lifespan for individuals – the maximum age for man mentioned in Genesis Ch. 6, verse 3.  In respect of long lasting countries such as U.S.A. and U.K., 120 years is the length of each cycle.

Matters taken into Consideration

In arriving at the future outlook for nations, we have considered the following:

  1. The national chart and the current/future planetary dasha periods.
  2. Annual chart for the exact moment a new Moon occurs in Pisces for the nation’s capital city.  This chart is used by Vedic Astrologers to ascertain the events likely to happen during the following twelve months.
  3. Major planetary conjunctions and transits during the period under review.
  4. Birth chart, where available, for the national leader.

The study of any particular chart will reveal certain themes because any salient feature will be restated in a number of different ways.  Likewise, when we look at horoscopes representing a composite entity, such as a nation, the symmetry contained in several relevant charts will create a certain scenario.  By this process, we can gain insight and conviction as to the agenda of the country during a particular period.

Another factor we take into consideration is that nations are not isolated from the influences of events going on elsewhere in the world.  Some cross-checking against other national charts is also carried out before publishing our findings.

Fundamental Premise

These outlooks are dependent upon the accuracy of the national birth data.  If you have grounds for believing that we have chosen the wrong basis, date or time for a national chart, or a subsequent event has occurred that could change the birth time, please send us an email with your reasons via the Contact page.

Some countries have introduced a completely new constitution which has been taken as the basis for the national birth chart, and on subsequent occasions have introduced amendments.   We have generally found that these amendments are insufficient in their effect to alter the national birth chart.

[1] See “Astrology of the Seers” by Dr.David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri)

The authors assume no responsibility with regard to the accuracy, or otherwise, of the forecasts, indications and outlooks contained in these pages, or the consequences arising out of use made of them by third parties. The authors’ views are given freely and are independent of all organisations, political opinions, parties, race, and creed. However, some views expressed are based on what we regard as eternal standards of good government that are published on this website.